Applied Research

We push the boundaries of research by employing subject matter experts in industrial control systems, utility control systems, building control systems, and machine learning to discover cyber defense mechanisms and incident response technology.


Traditional vulnerability research can be hazardous to existing infrastructure. We build identical environments to your critical assets that enable us to push the envelope with investigating vulnerabilities and creating mitigation without exposing your existing systems to risk.

Tool Development

We employ a team of developers to create custom tools to address analysis, security and virtualization of control systems.  Modern software architecture and best practice secure coding standards are combined to create resilient and flexible tools.

Vulnerability Assessment

Integrated networks provide unique challenges to deploying standard cyber security measures like patching and deploying defense mechanisms. Our team can assist you in discovering security vulnerabilities, determining how patches will affect your network, and working with you to mitigate security risks.

Cyber Training

Our subject matter experts have developed cutting-edge training for a variety of audiences.  Our courses focus on labs that provide the experience and skills you need to excel in decision making for your company and stakeholders.